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Axe Head Street Food are located between Helston and Falmouth on the A394 by Retanna Holiday Park from 8am to 2pm Tuesday to Saturday’s.  We are closed Sunday’s, Monday’s and Public Holiday’s.

We believe in great flavours and using the best ingredients!

Meats are from locally sourced butchers and specialist suppliers, who supply dry cured bacon, stunning steak burgers, sausage and hogs pudding. Eggs and vegetables will be sourced locally and from Axe Head Farm when we have them available.

Our spices are carefully selected with a variety of pure chilli powders used rather than a generic blend – Jalapeno, Habanero are available to dust your burger if you are looking for some extra zip or you could stick with black pepper or a house dust.

From time to time we will have awesome specials, pulled pork that tastes from heaven, brisket that melts in your mouth, salsa that will add sparkle to your day and beef flat ribs to bring out your inner cave man.

We love our food and we will have fun providing the best we can for your enjoyment.

Say NO to bland food!

Say YES to your Tummy Devil!